2013 CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Universality of Global Education Issues Conference

General Proposal Guidelines

Only original work that has not been previously (a) published, or (b) presented at another professional meeting is eligible for consideration. If a portion of the work has been previously presented, but not published, and the new original contribution is substantial, the work is eligible for consideration, but only if the prior work is explicitly acknowledged. Questions regarding the "originality of work" requirement may be addressed to the Program Chair. The general principle is that The Universality of Global Education Issues is not a venue for reporting work already reported either elsewhere, or previously. Proposals for papers, tutorials, symposia, innovative format sessions, and graduate student seminars will be considered for inclusion in the program and should be submitted electronically to the The Universality of Global Education Issues website. Click here

Submit by Friday, November 15, 2013.
Proposals are invited on topics from all disciplines related to comparative education.
Please note, upon completion of this process your submission will be received. You will NOT receive an automated confirmation email, but if you are concerned whether or not your submission has been received, you can contact Jesse Starkey at jcs052@shsu.edu