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Create Surveys

ZipSurvey enables you to create surveys online quickly and easily using a completely point-and-click user-interface.  Use one of our survey templates, or write your own questions.  You have complete control over the look and feel of your online survey.  To see how this is done, click the image below to launch the demo.

Launch Surveys

Using ZipSurvey's secured email tools you can quickly invite your respondents to participate in your online survey.  Our clients have used ZipSurvey to administer online surveys to samples as large as 1.6 million respondents. Click the image below to view the Launch Surveys demo.

View Results

With ZipSurvey you can view the results from your online survey in real-time. Our standard item frequency reports include bar charts, descriptive statistics and filtering tools.  You can also export a data file for analysis in another program such as MS Excel, WebStatistica, SPSS, SAS, etc. Click the image below for a demo on Viewing Results.

Click image to launch demo.

Click image to launch demo.

Click image to launch demo.


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