Conducting Online Market Research Surveys using ZipSurvey™

ZipSurvey™ is hands down the most cost-effective marketing survey research tool for marketing professionals who want to track the opinions, feedback, and concerns of their clients, customers, and stakeholders. Through effective marketing research surveys, organizations can ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction and respond more quickly to the needs of customers. ZipSurvey™ is a marketing survey software application that allows clients to quickly and easily:
  • Conduct online market research for concept and product testing.
  • Conduct online market research to examine customer satisfaction with your organization's existing products and services.
  • Conduct online market research as a follow-up to mail or email marketing campaigns.
ZipSurvey™ is a reliable and cost-effective online market research survey tool. Don't guess what your customers need, conduct online market research surveys and find out exactly what they DO need. ZipSurvey™ makes it affordable to take the pulse of your clients daily, weekly, or monthly so you will always be ready to respond to the needs of your customers.

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